Zartek Radio Intercom (ZA-620)

Extra Long distance

Multiple portable handsets




  • Rain-proof metal casing.

  • Range (terrain dependent) up to 800m indoors 1-4 km outdoors.

  • Rechargeable battery for back-up power.

  • Wireless Audio Communication.

  • Licence-free use.

  • Compatible to ZA705 and Pro5 two-way radios.

  • 190 licence-free channels to choose from.

  • Radio handsets sold separately.

  • User Programmable.

  • Easy Installation.

  • Optional Long range remote control for gate opening.

  • Operates on a single channel.

  • 24 hour back-up power from rechargeable batteries.

  • Dimensions: width 165mm, height 145mm, depth 80mm

Includes: Radio intercom, mains adaptor and rechargeable batteries


House/office entrances, Warehouse deliveries and receiving bays, Farms, plots and large areas.


Zartek ZA-705 Radio

Range 500-800m built-up


Zartek PRO Radio (wt-206)

Range 200-300m built-up


GE-TX1: 1 Button key ring Remote Control, Code Hopping (More button remotes are available)

GE-RX1:1 Channel Receiver 500m, code-hopping (4 channel receivers and lower range 1 channel receivers are available)

GE-S4: 4 Channel Transmitter 1 km: Code hopping. Fixed unit.

Repeater will extend range. A signal  transmitted from remote or other transmitter will be repeated to get futher distance and reach the receiver connected to the gate. A few repeaters can be connected if needed.